The Importance of Reviewing Your Insurance Coverage Before Catastrophe Strikes

San Antonio has not seen a catastrophic hail event for almost 20 years. Then storms ripped through the city in April 2016, damaging thousands of homes and businesses across Bexar County, making it the costliest hailstorm in Texas history.

Most people are unfortunately complacent with their home insurance policies until major life events, like buying a new house or downsizing, triggers a review of their insurance. This storm has proven that it’s unwise to wait for a catastrophe to reexamine your existing coverage.

June 28 is National Insurance Awareness Day. What better time to brush the dust off your policy and learn exactly what coverage you have?

When Catastrophe Strikes

Reviewing your insurance coverage prior to a major event helps you understand exactly what your policy covers. In many cases, you may not have the coverage you thought.  Lower monthly premiums aren’t always the most cost-efficient route; this often means higher deductibles you must meet before your insurance company begins to cover cost.

Many policies include roof exclusions or offer actual cash value for the roof. This means you either receive the depreciated amount for the value of the roof or there may be cosmetic exclusions if you have a metal or tile roof. The companies we work with offer replacement cost value on your roof with today’s price of labor and materials.

Catto & Catto and You

Our mission is to educate our clients. Our independent agents, can conduct comprehensive policy reviews and help you understand what you have and what you need. We stay on top of industry trends while keeping your policy and goals in mind. We’ll reach out to you if we locate a better option for you in the marketplace. If the only time you hear from your agent is when they need money from you, it’s time to reevaluate your relationship.

Your home is your biggest asset and probably the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. You’ve spent years building your wealth to purchase a home, so it’s important to insure it. You don’t need to be an insurance expert. With Catto & Catto, you benefit from an agent who knows you, your family, your stage of life and will help provide a solution that fits your unique needs. Most importantly, we are your advocate in claim situations. When catastrophe strikes, we’ll be there.

About the Author

Crystal Metzger
Personal Lines Director
Account Executive, CIC

Crystal joined Catto & Catto LLP in 2008. She holds a MAA in organizational leadership from the University of the Incarnate Word. Crystal is a native of San Antonio and has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. She is currently the vice president of the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas Association. 





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