5 Ways Catto & Catto is Redefining the Client Experience

Catto & Catto is not just a property and casualty firm, or a personal lines firm, or an employee benefits firm. We are all of those things, and we emphasize them in what we do every day. We’re constantly reassessing ourselves to identify opportunities to improve efficiencies and cross pollinate our strengths within all departments and touchpoints.

We recently identified a need and designed a role around it: Client Experience Officer, a role I have personally joined the team to fill. My primary focus is to make sure the client experience is second-to-none.

Here are 5 key aspects we focus on to redefine the client experience:

1. Catto is uniquely positioned in the market.  

Since we offer a large array of options, we are able to be a one-stop-shop for our clients’ insurance needs. From a service perspective, this allows us to apply best practices across all our service teams, thus providing our clients with a robust and consistent experience.

2. Clients are assigned personal, dedicated account managers.

Each client has a dedicated, always up-to-speed, account manager they know by name. Catto account managers take their client relationships personally; they’re in the mindset of “These are my clients, and I want to take care of them.” We are the size firm we are because we want to maintain that personal connection.

3. Catto partners remain involved in accounts.

We aren’t siloed between sales and service. If a client needs to reach out to the partner, we make it easy to do so. Clients aren’t “handed off” or lose contact with people they gain value from.

4. Our risk management team offers property and casualty services and acts as an advocate to help clients reduce their claims.

If clients have claims they need help with, we can assign a team specific to that need that will act as an advocate for the client. They are at their side through the whole claims process. We also provide seminars to help reduce the number of claims. Mid-year reviews outline claim amounts, statuses, and help develop risk management plans for the remaining 6 months and beyond.

5. The wellness team is risk management for client/employee health.

We’re passionate about helping clients implement and execute benefits programs to improve employee health. Clients benefit from healthier employees, and employees reap the rewards of life-changing wellness choices.


Our client-focused mission should be evident in all that we do, and it’s my job to keep it that way. If you have any questions about service, risk management, or creating better atmospheres for employees, feel free to reach out.


About the Author

Richard Cole
Client Experience Officer

Richard joined Catto & Catto in August of 2016 as our client experience officer with responsibility over the service we provide. He brings senior leadership experience in a similarly-sized company well known in its industry, prior insurance carrier experience, and the character and leadership that will serve Catto and our clients well. Prior to Catto & Catto, Richard worked at Argo Group, an insurance carrier, for seven years as their Project Manager/Director of Corporate Applications, and Padgett Stratemann for eight years as their chief information officer, while leading a cross functional team of leaders focused on company-wide strategic and operational initiatives.






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