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Workers’ Compensation: A Carrier’s Perspective

At Catto & Catto, we rely on a network of reputable insurance carriers to bring our clients the best coverage available. In the world of workers’ compensation, Texas Mutual Insurance insures 40% of the Texas workers’ compensation market. Jim Kohloff, Texas Mutual Insurance Company’s Regional Vice President - Austin Region, shares his perspective on the carrier-broker relationship and the impact it has on a client.

At Texas Mutual, our primary distribution partner is the independent agent. Agents throughout Texas and the U.S. entrust us with their clients to handle their workers’ compensation. Oftentimes the complexities of workers’ compensation is not easily translated from carrier to employer. We rely on the long-term client relationship built between the independent agent and the employer to effectively communicate the ins and outs of workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ Compensation At A Glance

Workers’ compensation insurance was designed to cover medical bills and provide a portion of lost wages to employees who are injured at work or who have a work-related disease or illness. In virtually every other state, workers’ compensation is required. In Texas, it is entirely optional. Eighty-two percent of employees in the state are covered by a workers’ compensation policy.

The Texas Mutual Difference

While other carriers diversify in areas like auto, property and general liability insurance, at Texas Mutual Insurance Company our only focus is workers’ compensation. We insure 40 percent of the Texas workers’ compensation market; with more than 68,000 business owners relying on us to meet the needs of their 1.5 million employees.

At the core of what we do, there are three differentiating factors that make Texas Mutual Insurance Company the leader in workers’ compensation coverage in Texas.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Better outcomes on our claims
  • Reward safe policyholders by returning dividends

The market share, data and expertise allows us to offer competitive pricing, and policyholders that share our commitment to workplace safety are rewarded by a return of dividends. In 2017, we will distribute $260 million in dividends to qualifying policyholder owners.

Maximize Workers’ Compensation Benefits

An organization’s employees are its most valuable asset. Illness or injury can completely disrupt productivity and morale and can ultimately lead to negative, long-term impacts on the company and the employee.

The independent agent is often charged with developing value-add programs that help educate the client on the benefits of getting an individual back to work. Agencies like Catto & Catto can help clients maximize their employees’ potential and reduce workers’ compensation costs by assisting in the implementation of a return-to-work program.

By educating injured workers and employers about the workers’ compensation system, we can get the employee back to work, mitigate cost, and close claims efficiently. In the end, we want the injured worker to return to work which will lead to better results for both the employee and the business owner.

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