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Do You Have a DOT Number for Your Business?

Have you checked the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) system for your Company Snapshot and safety rating? With the SAFER system, companies have the ability to obtain a snapshot or profile. This profile consists of a concise electronic record of a carrier with regard to:

  • carrier identification;
  • carrier size (number of power units and drivers);
  • commodity information;
  • safety record including safety rating (if any);
  • roadside out-of-service inspection summary; and
  • crash information.

Search the website using your:

  • DOT number;
  • ICC or Motor Carrier ID number; or
  • carrier name.

The MCS-150 form is to be used by all existing carriers ONLY to file updates with the FMCSA. Carriers should periodically (once every six months is recommended) check the information on their MCS-150 form. Section 390.19 requires motor carriers to file the MCS-150 every 2 years in accordance with the timetable specified in the regulation. It is important that the information remains accurate and up to date.

Neglecting to file a new form can increase a carrier's chances of being placed at the top of the Safety Measurement System (SMS) list. For example, if a carrier has an increase in accidents, but has not reported an increase in the number of power units or vehicle miles traveled for the company, its Accident BASIC will be very high. This could place a carrier at the top of the list, prompting an intervention.  Check your SAFER rating today! 

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