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It's As Simple As "Please"

Now more than ever it’s important to stand out as professionals. We already strive to become better at our jobs, better as leaders, betters as partners, and better at all we do. In essence, we strive to become our best selves. Sometimes though, in our quest to become our best selves, simple manners aren’t prioritized. In a day where communication across the world is conducted in an instant, we can often overlook one of the most basic of ways to stand out. Sometimes it’s as simple as a “please.”  

We in the Catto & Catto Risk Management Department are committed to providing quality services, but even the most excellent of service would mean little if we neglected basic etiquette. That’s why we aim to pair excellent service with respect, professionalism, and common courtesy.  Without a “please,” simple everyday requests can sound like demands. By that same token, a leader could be viewed as a dictator or a peer rude.

Think about the last email you sent or the last conversation you had. Was there a point when you may have unintentionally come across as rude or demanding? Was there a moment you could have or should have included a “please” but were too busy or too distracted to do so? Make yourself stand out by remembering your manners and treating people with respect and common courtesy. Do what others aren’t willing to do and remember that it can be as simple as “please.”


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