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Texas Mutual to Distribute $280M in Dividends

Texas Mutual Insurance Company, which provides workers’ compensation coverage to more than 70K business owners and 1.4M employees, announced it will distribute $280M in dividends in 2018. Nearly 75% of policyholder owners will receive a check from Texas Mutual in recognition of providing safe work environments for their employees.

This is the 20th consecutive year the company has distributed dividends, bringing the total to $2.5 billion delivered back to Texas businesses. More than half has been paid in the last five years alone. Texas Mutual shares its success with its customers who ensure that their workers are able do their jobs safely and return home every day. Many of these employers also work with Texas Mutual to help those who are injured on the job recover and return to a productive life. Texas Mutual President and CEO Rich Gergasko said the dividend distribution has the power to positively affect individual business owners and their employees.

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