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Snack Smart, Save Money, Time and Calories

It’s completely normal to snack throughout the workday. While it can be tempting to opt for the fast, easy (but unhealthy) option, taking a minute to snack smart can save you time, money and calories. Keep the following three tips in mind to help you snack smart at the office.

  1. Take a break. When you reach for your snack at work, don’t eat it while working. Instead, take a quick break to eat your snack uninterrupted to avoid overeating.
  2. Meal prep your snacks. One of the best ways to avoid impulsively purchasing unhealthy snacks from the vending machine is to pre-portion your healthy snacks at the beginning of the week and bring them with you to work.
  3. Think about macronutrients. Try to combine macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates) at each snacking session. Doing so will help you feel satisfied and full until it’s time for your next meal.

Click here to learn about nutritionist-approved healthy snack options.

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