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How MVRs Can Protect Your Business from Motor Vehicle Liabilities

MVR stands for “Motor Vehicle Record” or “Motor Vehicle Report.” We recommend an employer run MVRs in the early stages of the employee hiring process so that they know if potential applicants have been convicted of driving under the influence or any other types of violations.

Avoiding Neglect Entrustment

Running and evaluating MVR reports on an annual basis for your employees who drive as an essential function of their job is an essential tool in preventing allegations of negligent entrustment against your organization. Negligent entrustment is a cause of action in tort law in which one party (the entrustor) is held liable for negligence because they negligently provided another party (the entrustee) with a dangerous instrumentality, and the entrusted party caused injury to a third party with that instrumentality. The cause of action most frequently arises when one person allows another to drive their vehicles.   

Hidden DUIs & DWIs: The Importance of Background Checks

Take caution: some MVRs do not show recent DUIs and DWIs. This can be a result of plea bargaining or an arrangement made with the court that the DWI conviction not be reported to the state. The arrest record is still intact and discoverable in a criminal background check but is not visible on an MVR. We recommend running full background checks, including criminal background, for prospective employees.   

When Should You Run MVRs?

You should complete an MVR whenever your organization hires a new employee. We recommend that you also run MVRs annually on all existing employees during the slowest/less lucrative time of your company’s season.

Our mission here at Catto & Catto is to thoughtfully develop and professionally deliver customized risk management solutions to our clients via the Catto & Catto Experience. We are extremely fortunate to staff well-respected, highly-educated safety consultants who can assist with any questions regarding MVRs and the potential impact you may face.


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