New Partners and Associate Partners Promoted to Strengthen Catto & Catto Leadership Team

At Catto & Catto, we believe strongly that we are the premier, locally-owned insurance agency in our community. One of the ways we are able to stay a strong, independent company is to have team members who are willing and able to take the risk of becoming owners. Today, we strengthen our position with the addition of three new partner-owners. Effective January 1, 2019, the current Partners and I are honored to welcome Jamie Amoretti, Kristen Harder, and Dane Wilhelm as new Partners.  Not only am I confident that these Partners will continue to contribute to the success of Catto, but they also bring to our ownership group a diversity of ideas, ages, backgrounds and talents. It’s critical for us to have diversity in our leadership and throughout our organization to increase our strength as an independent, locally-owned firm.

In that same vein, I’m also excited to announce the creation of our new Associate Partner Share Program that recognizes and rewards those who make very significant contributions to the success of our agency every day.  The partners and I are pleased to welcome Mary Gainer, Jim Greaves, Crystal Metzger, and Blanca Trevino as our first-ever Associate Partners. They are long-time key contributors who we know will continue to excel. We are very grateful for their dedication to Catto & Catto.

What This New Age of Leadership Means

Our new Partners and Associate Partners have shown their commitment to Catto’s Purpose, Values, Vision, Mission, and Brand Commitment. As we grow and our business becomes more complex and clients continue to desire more from us, we need more people to help carry the load of leadership. These team members understand what leadership means.  I’m excited about their ability to inspire and empower people, and keep our culture strong.

We greatly value the culture we’ve built at Catto & Catto. We know that significant change would happen to our culture, our clients and team members if we were not an independent agency. We’ve seen consolidation throughout the industry and know we have to be proactive in the battle to remain independent. By adding new Partners to the ownership group, we’re doing more than talking about remaining independent; we’re acting on our commitment to remain a strong, independent and locally-owned agency.

Positioned for Continued Success

Catto is well positioned for the future thanks to the exceptional businesses environment and talent around us. I’m especially grateful for the Catto team which has brought us to where we are today and will continue to take us to where we’re headed. We can’t do what we do without their effort, expertise and teamwork. We’re also blessed to have incredible clients who rely on us, trust us and allow us to build true partnerships with them. And finally, we’re thankful for the insurance companies and service providers we and our clients do business with. We know they are rooting for us and see their commitment to helping us remain independent.

We continue to believe that decision makers of all sorts of organizations around San Antonio -- whether for profit or non-profit -- prefer to do business with the people they live with.  It is important to our clients and future clients that the local owners of our company are involved members of their community. We think there’s tremendous opportunity for us to grow and serve our existing clients and new clients. We also believe that our ownership model is unique in this marketplace, one that gives opportunities for people like Jamie, Kristen and Dane to become Partners.  As we continue on our journey, we’ll continue to promote strong team leaders to continue the success of Catto and Catto and take the company to the next level.

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   Jaimie Hayne | Chief Executive Officer

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