Halloween Safety Tricks and Tips

It’s that time of year again when all the little ghouls and goblins make their march down streets for tricks and treats. Even if you aren’t participating, a few of the below tips may help you out too!

Before you go out:

  • When choosing a costume for yourself or your little one, be sure the costume accessories are fire-resistant (wigs, hats, etc.).
  • When purchasing Halloween makeup check to make sure it is non-toxic. Best practice is to do a skin test 24-48 hours prior to Halloween to prevent skin and eye irritation.
  • Avoid masks. Sure they look cool but they can obstruct your vision.
  • Pick your walking route and plan your night ahead of time.
    • Extra tip – drive your route before Halloween to see where drivers may have a hard time spotting pedestrians (Ex. corners with poles, parked cars, signs and fences).

When you are out and about:

  • Travel in well-lit familiar areas and stick with a group.
  • Be sure to pay attention to your surroundings.
    • Keep your head up while walking and avoid electronic distractions.
  • Accompany small children all the way to the doors.
  • Tell your children not to eat treats until they return home and the candy can be checked properly.
  • Remember, most establishments will have a “No Mask” rule. Please be courteous to the owner and fellow customers and abide by this.
  • If trick or treating after dark, include reflective tape on costumes and bags.
  • Glow sticks are super handy during Halloween, not only do they look cool but they help drivers see you and your little ones.

You’re home with your candy haul, now what?

  • As with adult makeup, be sure to remove all costume makeup before bed to avoid skin and eye irritation.
  • Check candy for any tampering, allergenic ingredients, choking hazards, unusual discoloration or appearance, and tiny tears in the wrapper or holes. It’s best to only accept commercially wrapped items but if you do get something homemade discard it unless you personally know who gave them.

When in doubt, throw it out.

But wait, I’m not a trick or treater so this doesn’t apply – here are some tips for you:

Are you driving?

  • Look out for pedestrians on roadways, sidewalks, medians, and running between parked cars.
  • Follow traffic rules and obey lights and signs.
  • When in a residential area, slow down a bit to give yourself extra reaction time.
  • When parking your car or pulling in/out of a driveway be extra careful.
  • Remember, not all trick or treaters will have reflective or light clothing so be on the lookout for people in dark clothing too.

Are you staying home?

  • If you are participating, be sure to have ample lighting and a clear walking path for pedestrians.
  • Remember to stay safe and observe who is at your door prior to opening it to dole out treats.
  • See the no mask tips above. If you aren’t participating, it’s always helpful to have a sign out stating that so pedestrians do not enter your property.

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