Catto At Adobe’s Max Creativity Conference!

By Kristin Cedillo

From the minute you step on the grounds at Adobe’s MAX Creativity Conference, your senses are immersed with a singular, but fierce purpose – INSPIRE. And ‘grounds’ is putting it lightly.

For five days, the conference dominates the convention center exhibit halls, plaza grounds, Microsoft Theater, J.W. Marriott, L.A. Live event spaces, Regal Theater, and, almost forgot, Staples Center. Over 20,000 attendees from around the globe converge to attend what Adobe describes as “the perfect marriage of education and inspiration”.

Attendees at the 2019 conference filled their schedules with sessions featuring Q&A, hands-on workshops, and device-laden labs presented by Adobe powerhouses and creative guests including M. Night Shyamalan, Dave Grohl, Billie Eilish, Aaron Draplin, John Mulaney, Takashi Murakami, Bonnie Siegler, Shantell Martin, David LaChapelle, and Andrew Kramer. Recognize anyone? Yeah, figured you might.

As Catto & Catto’s Graphic Design and Communications Specialist, I was thrilled to be on hand to relish in the smorgasbord of creative fuel for design and network with innovative peers. Networking at the conference isn’t an objective – it’s just the nature of the event. Leading force professionals to design fledglings are embraced by the MAX community and enthusiastically find who, why, and where about the members of their creative family.

Everyone in matching MAX hoodies, catching up on what you’ve done since the last MAX family reunion.

One Adobe keynote speaker quoted the great Bob Dylan, “The purpose of art is to stop time.” And for a few days in sunny Los Angeles, that seems to have magically happened. Attendees were reintroduced to what first ignited the spark within them to venture out into a world where creativity meets design. Was it seeing UK sensation Mr. Doodle complete an entire display complete with a piano flourish? Did Aaron Draplin’s revelation of mathematically sound lines in design work flip the switch? Or just maybe Bonnie Siegler’s workshop dismantled barriers to collaboration?

Regardless, mission accomplished Adobe. Your apprentices return inspired, burning with creative ambition, and infused with the confidence that the right tools and the right motivation make the extraordinary possible. I’m excited to apply this experience when creating materials that convey our brand commitment to our clients and communicate our culture at Catto. 

Kristin Cedillo is a Graphic Design & Communications Specialist for Catto & Catto. Kristin’s diverse experience in the insurance industry prior to Catto & Catto includes commercial and personal insurance, employee benefits, risk management and safety initiatives. Currently her responsibilities encompass solicitation and communication of agency capabilities and resources, specialized presentation and event coordination, as well as customer specific reports, summaries and tools.


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