OSHA Top 10 Violations of 2020

Every year OSHA compiles a list of the ten most-cited standard violations from the previous fiscal year. OSHA publishes this list to alert employers about these commonly cited standards so they can take necessary steps to find and fix recognized hazards before OSHA shows up. 



What Your Safety Program Should Include

There are several steps your company can take to both avoid OSHA fines and prevent worker injuries, illnesses, and deaths. Developing and enforcing a comprehensive safety program is your key to success. 

Written Safety Programs

Develop and maintain written safety programs covering the hazards to which employees may be exposed. OSHA requires written safety programs and looks to see that they’re reviewed and updated annually. Make sure they are available to all employees.

In-depth Safety Training

Both new hire and annual safety training should cover all the risks workers are exposed to on-the-job site. Staff should be aware of the risks associated with their jobs, especially when working at heights, with hazardous chemicals, or with dangerous machinery.

Periodic Jobsite Inspections

Conduct inspections to identify hazardous conditions at the worksite. Most job sites require frequent monitoring and observations to stay on top of safety issues. The inspection identifies hazards and provides opportunities to fix problems before injuries and accidents can occur.

Provide safe tools and equipment and ensure workers inspect them regularly. Many workers rely on their tools and equipment to get their work done safely. Unsafe tools and equipment can mean a higher risk of serious accidents, including losing an eye or a limb. They can also lead to OSHA citations.

Personal Protective Equipment

Provide appropriate personal protective equipment, or PPE, to workers. Companies must pay for and ensure that workers have the necessary PPE, such as fall arrest systems, hard hats, respirators, and hearing protection, to do their jobs safely. 

Catto is Here to Help

You don’t have to manage your OSHA requirements alone! Have questions? Looking for more detailed OSHA compliance guidance? To truly protect your workforce and bottom line, you will need in-depth information — and not just about OSHA’s Top 10, but every potential hazard that exists in your organization.

Catto & Catto can conduct a thorough evaluation of your facilities and operations to aid you in identifying current gaps and risk areas. In addition, Catto & Catto’s in-house risk management department’s unique combination of expertise and technology enables our team to address any areas of opportunity. Our Safety Consultants, Risk Advocate and Claim Analyst, cloud-based Risk Management Center, live-led virtual training and education opportunities are just a few of the resources available to our clients.

Contact us to learn more at 800.399.6059 or visit www.catto.com. 


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