In a recent speech, OSHA head Doug Parker said his agency recognizes there are three types of employers when it comes to workplace safety and health:

  1. Role models — These are businesses that make health and safety a priority and ensure that the health and safety of workers is at the center of what they do.
  2. Employers in the middle — These employers want to do the right thing but need some help, guidance, training, or other assistance.
  3. Employers without a safety and health culture — These are companies that see workplace injuries and illnesses simply as the cost of doing business.

Parker announced that the agency wants to do more to highlight the companies that make safety and health a part of their daily operations to show that it is possible to operate a successful, profitable business while making worker safety a priority.

Most employers fall into employer type number 2, Parker explained. For employers in the middle, he noted, “We want to help them build a health and safety culture into all aspects of their business.”

However, for the employers that put workers at risk, the OSHA head said the agency will continue to use all available options to protect workers. He added that the agency is rebuilding its workforce from record low staffing levels and hiring staff that reflects the diversity of the employers and employees they serve.  

In fact, OSHA has hired more than 270 staffers since August 2021. This includes more than 150 inspectors and more than 30 whistleblower investigators, as well as Compliance Assistance Specialists.


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