Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms? Decaf Can Help

According to Drive Research, about 75% of Americans drink coffee every day, and half of the surveyed adults drink three to five cups daily. Unfortunately, drinking too much coffee may have negative side effects on your health. But if you’re reducing your coffee intake, you may experience caffeine withdrawal symptoms, making it more challenging to cut back. Common symptoms include headache, fatigue and irritability.

Fortunately, new research from the University of Sydney has a tip for people trying to drink less coffee. Researchers found drinking a cup of high-quality decaffeinated coffee temporarily reduces withdrawal symptoms. The study noted that the cup of decaffeinated coffee should taste like the real deal to have an impact. The point was that some study participants were unaware they were drinking decaf. This is due to conditioning. Many people associate coffee and its surrounding stimuli (e.g., taste and smell). Therefore, a quality cup of decaffeinated coffee can offer those same experiences without caffeine.

If you have concerns about your coffee consumption, talk to your doctor.

Header photo by Christina Rumpf on Unsplash

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