Blog Category: Employee Benefits

Blog Category: Employee Benefits

Welcome to Cold and Flu (or FMLA) Season

‘Tis the season for the flu bug to march through workplaces all over the country. As such, some employees (and employers) might be wondering whether the flu would qualify for FMLA protections. The answer: Generally not, but it could.

As is the case for answers to many employment-related questions, much will depend upon the specific facts...

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TX Regulators Say Work Comp Costs Down 63%

In Texas, the average premium for each $100 of payroll dropped from $2.32 in 2003 to $0.86 in 2015. The fact that fewer employees are filing workers’ compensation claims (a 28% drop since 2004) has also contributed to the decline in premium costs. Non-fatal injury rates are also down 46% since 2005, an indication that employers are making workplaces safer. “With...

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Are You Ready for December 18th ELDs, ELogs and Fleet Technology Mandates?

By December 18, 2017, the ELD mandate will require most commercial drivers to use electronic logging devices to record their hours of service. The ELD rule:

  • Requires ELD use by commercial drivers who are required to prepare hours-of-service (HOS) records of duty status (RODS).
  • Sets ELD performance and design standards, and requires ELDs...
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OSHA’s 2018-2022 Objectives Include Continued Enforcement, Outreach

OSHA says its inspection regime will remain active and it plans to use various data sets to target bad actors and recalcitrant employers. The Agency’s strategic objective, found in the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) draft version of the FY 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, is “to secure safe and healthful working conditions for America’s workers.” According to the...

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Texas Sets Annual Work Comp Weekly Benefit

The workers’ compensation state average weekly wage for dates of injury from Oct. 1, 2017, through Sept. 30, 2018, is set at $913.37, the Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation announced. The maximum weekly benefit rates for workers’ compensation income benefits is set at $913 and the minimum weekly benefit rate is set at $137 for that period. The workers’...

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