Blog Category: Employee Benefits

Blog Category: Employee Benefits

The Connection Between Office Camaraderie and Your Health

Getting along with your co-workers can make the task of going to work more enjoyable and, according to recent research, can actually improve your health.

The Society for Personality and Social Psychology analyzed 58 studies of more than 19,000 people from different parts of the world and published its findings in the Personality and Social Psychology...

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Is Your New Employee Orientation Up to the Test?

Whenever a new employee comes on board, there is a period of training and learning in which the new employee learns about the company’s safety and health programs, emergency action plans, fire protection policy, and any other safety-related issues that the employee must know.

This is also an opportunity to influence the new employee on the safety culture...

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Texas’ Closed Formulary Is Lowering Workers’ Comp Costs

TDI’s recent analysis shows that the Texas pharmacy closed formulary is lowering costs and reducing the use of opioids in the workers’ compensation system. “Other states are interested in the success we’re having in Texas,” said the workers’ compensation commissioner. “We’re hopeful the closed formulary will continue to be a meaningful tool to reduce costs and ...

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Meet Kyler Lambert: My Summer Internship at Catto & Catto

At Catto & Catto, we love sharing our expertise and unique company culture with our clients and the community. This summer, we hired a summer intern from St. Mary’s University to join Jim Greaves and our risk management team. In just a few short months, Kyler Lambert has had the opportunity to live the Catto & Catto Experience firsthand. Here’s what he...

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Are Your Employees Exempt or Nonexempt?

Exempt status is not determined by job title alone. An employee may have the title of supervisor or assistant manager, but that doesn’t automatically make him or her exempt. To qualify for an exemption, the employee still needs to actually perform specific job duties. Having an understanding of employee job duties is even more important now with the pending...

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