Blog Category: Employee Benefits

Blog Category: Employee Benefits

OSHA Announces Silica Final Rule

OSHA announced a final rule on March 24 to improve protections for workers exposed to respirable silica dust. According to the agency, the silica rule will curb lung cancer, silicosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and kidney disease in workers by limiting their exposure to respirable crystalline silica. OSHA is issuing two standards to protect workers...

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Tips for Navigating the Insurance Claims Process

No one wants to deal with the headaches that come with filing an insurance claim. Claims can be a long, tedious process. However, the key to bringing resolution to a claim, both quickly and effectively, is the involvement of the insured party in the claims process. Knowing what to do and the processes you should follow in the event you have to file an insurance...

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Multi-Employer Roles & Responsibilities (Part II)

The Controlling Employer

Definition: An employer who has general supervisory authority over the worksite, including the power to correct safety and health violations itself or require others to correct them. Control can be established by contract or, in the absence of explicit contractual provisions, by the exercise of control in practice. Descriptions...

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Redefining Wellness in the Workplace

Do you want to have a more engaged and productive workforce? Or spend less money on group healthcare? What about enhancing your corporate culture by introducing additional company benefits that help grab and keep great employees?

We’re talking about corporate wellness. In recent years, companies have started integrating the latest technologies and...

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Who’s Responsible for Temporary Employees?

A temporary agency is aware of the type of work the temporary employee is performing and should also have a general idea of the types of hazards encountered. The client employer who hires the temporary worker usually provides the day-to-day job assignments and supervision, and is aware of the worksite-specific hazards that the temporary employee will be exposed...

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