Blog Category: Wellness

Blog Category: Wellness

Improving Your Relationship With Your Phone

Smartphones have made our lives so much easier, but they can also impact our physical and mental well-being. To build a healthier relationship with your phone, try the following strategies:

  • Turn off notifications. Disable notifications for social media apps or mute group chats to avoid being tempted by distractions.
  • ...
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Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms? Decaf Can Help

According to Drive Research, about 75% of Americans drink coffee every day, and half of the surveyed adults drink three to five cups daily. Unfortunately, drinking too much coffee may have negative side effects on your health. But if you’re reducing your coffee intake, you may experience caffeine withdrawal symptoms, making it more challenging to cut back....

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Boosting Your Daily Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Month, observed every May, is a time to raise awareness and break the stigma about mental health, and support people with mental illness. In fact, more than half of adults in the United States will be diagnosed with a mental illness—a variety of conditions that affect one’s mood, behavior, feelings or thinking—at some point in their life...

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Reduce Your Risk of Hospitalization With 20 Minutes of Daily Exercise

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Network Open found that physical activity not only decreases people’s risk of developing health problems, but may also help prevent them from being hospitalized. Researchers found that the magic number was just 20 minutes of daily exercise.

It’s well known that exercise is...

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The Mediterranean Diet Is 2023’s Best Diet

U.S. News & World Report released its annual diet ranking, and the Mediterranean diet topped the list for the sixth consecutive year. This meal plan was named best overall for 2023 as the publication’s health experts also voted it the best diet for healthy eating, the best plant-based diet, the best family-friendly diet and the best diet for bone and joint...

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