Daylight Saving Time and Your Health

Most of the United States shifts between standard and daylight saving time (DST) each year in an effort to “save” natural light. Clocks will get set one hour back on Sunday, Nov. 6, when the DST period ends. Although you may be excited about gaining another hour in your day, DST can wreak havoc on your physical and cognitive health for several days, weeks or...

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Most accidents in the workplace involve both unsafe conditions, such as inadequate ventilation or improper storage of hazardous materials, and unsafe actions, such as bypassing controls or failing to wear personal protective equipment (PPE).  Unsafe acts and conditions lead to progressively more serious injuries and even fatalities. Organizations must work to...

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Start Planning Now for a Stress-free Holiday Season

While the holiday season often brings joy and togetherness, it can also cause stress for many individuals. Top holiday stressors include budgeting, managing multiple commitments and finding the perfect gifts. Fortunately, by getting organized and planning out what you can do ahead of time, you can help reduce your holiday stress. Consider the following tips:...

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Jury Awards $48.5M to Baylor Medical College for COVID Business-Interruption Claim

A Texas jury awarded the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston $48,529,961 for damages caused by COVID-19 in what appears to be the first jury verdict in a lawsuit that sought insurance coverage for lost business income and other damages caused by the virus.

A verdict form posted online by the 295th Judicial District in Harris County on Tuesday shows...

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What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet?

According to a Walgreens survey, the average American opens their medicine cabinet 468 times each year. However, nearly 3 in 4 people (74%) admit that they often forget to replace their expired products. When it comes to handling illnesses or injuries in your home, it’s essential to be prepared with a well-stocked and up-to-date medicine cabinet. That way, you’...

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