OSHA Launches NEP on Amputations in Manufacturing

OSHA launched a new version of the National Emphasis Program (NEP) on amputations, targeting industries with a history of amputation reports to OSHA, violations related to guarding, and/or high reported rates in the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) survey. The amputations NEP has been one of OSHA's most active programs. Violations for machine guarding and...

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Do I Need To Run and Evaluate MVR’S?

What is a MVR?

A MVR (motor vehicle report) is report card on your employee’s driving record.  It will go back 3-5 years depending on the type of license he or she may have.   

Why do I need to run an MVR, doesn’t the insurance company or my agent do that for me?   

The answer is yes the insurance company...

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Ergonomics Is the Way to a Pain-free Workday

The discomfort and pain from slouching at a desk all day is very common, with many office workers suffering pain at least once a week. Avoid unnecessary discomfort at work by focusing on your posture and making your workstation ergonomically appropriate. When applied to your workstation, these two tips will help promote good posture and correct ergonomics:...

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Texas Retail Worker Highest Injury Industry

The Texas Department of Insurance reported that federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data shows there are more workers in shopping malls and retail outlets that get sick and injured than in any other private industry sector in Texas.

About 33,200 retail workers in Texas suffered a job-related illness or injury in 2018, as compared to 12,300 in...

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Catto & Catto’s Risk Management Center: Efficient, Cost-Effective & Time-Saving Solution

Catto & Catto’s Risk Management Center (RMC) is an efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving solution for risk prevention efforts. It includes a comprehensive suite of insurance risk management, workplace safety, and compliance software tools. 

Our RMC is a great fit for any organization that wants to proactively manage their risk exposures and...

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