Healthier Holiday Wellness Tips

Food is part of holiday traditions, and your family likely looks forward to certain recipes. Luckily, there are some simple substitutes to make your favorite holiday recipes a bit healthier.

Consider the following tips to transform your recipes without sacrificing flavor:

  • Fat—For baked goods, use half the butter or oil and replace the...
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Catto Attends Adobe’s MAX Creativity Conference Virtually!


While there is no substitute for attending a MAX Creativity Conference in person, Adobe conquered the virtual attendee experience with this year’s event. Over 350 sessions and hundreds of inspiring speakers enabled attendees to take part in a global...

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FMLA Cold & Flu Season Q & A

This year, getting a flu shot may be more important than ever, given the ongoing pandemic and the desire to avoid having two conditions simultaneously. While most employers are aware that a simple cold or flu does not generally qualify for FMLA leave, questions remain regarding conditions that are usually non-serious. Here are a few Q & As to help clarify....

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When Employees Participate in Off-Site Volunteer Charitable Activities

OSHA added a letter of interpretation determining if injuries and illnesses are work-related when employees participate in off-site voluntary charitable activity. 

The letter is dated 10-5-2020, and in part it reads: “In your letter, you describe a scenario where an employer tells employees that they may spend a day assisting with a charitable...

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COVID-19 vs. Flu vs. Cold—Which Is It?

As expected during the pandemic, every cough, sneeze, or throat tickle may give you cause for concern. Many symptoms of the common cold, the flu, and COVID-19 are similar—making it difficult to distinguish between them. Different viruses cause each of these illnesses, which means there are different symptoms.

COVID-19: The most common...

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