Cybersecurity for Business

It feels as if data breaches, even of seemingly secure networks, are a daily occurrence. While advancements in information technology have made it easier than ever to run a business, organizational and customer data may be at risk unless proper cybersecurity measures are in place. Consider these cybersecurity best practices:

  1. Conduct an initial audit...
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Are You Up to Date On Your Immunizations?

Every August, the National Public Health Information Coalition sponsors National Immunization Awareness Month to promote the importance of immunizations at all life stages. Vaccination protects everyone, from infants to the elderly, from serious illnesses and complications of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Being properly vaccinated not only protects you,...

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Trenching and Excavation Safety: Industry trend and OSHA’s Direction

Trenching and excavations are not a new concept as it pertains to the construction industry. In fact, much of the way these operations have been conducted in the past few decades is still the same manner in which trenching and excavations are done today. With that in mind, it would seem that injuries and fatalities in a process that hasn’t changed much would be...

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Conducting an Effective Incident Investigation

The goal of an accurate and thorough incident investigation is not to place blame, but to determine the true cause of the incident and make changes that reduce the chances of similar incidents occurring in the future. Make sure your investigation includes each of the phases below to assure that your team has every opportunity to uncover root causes:


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Sun-rays Aren't the Only Thing You Can Catch at the Pool

As the temperature climbs, many Americans will flock to the pool to find some relief from the heat. While the cool waters can be refreshing, they could also be contaminated with bacteria that can make you sick. Read on to learn about the three most common illnesses you can catch from spending a day at the pool.

Cryptosporidium (Crypto for Short)

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