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June Safety Academy: Defy Gravity with Fall Protection

Dec 31, 1969
8:00a Breakfast & 8:30a-10:00a Safety Academy
  • Risky business: poor safety culture can promote risky behavior
  • Watch your tone: how management sets the tone for accountability
  • Up, up and away: meeting and exceeding fall protection safety standards
  • Ever been fall arrested: fall protection system types & proper applications
  • Living the office life, why care about fall protection: slips, trips and falls on same level surface



Jesse Vera, CSP, ARM-E, Safety Consultant, Serving the industry since 2007

As a member of the team at Catto & Catto, Jesse’s broad experience in matters of safety, environmental hazards and risk management as they impact business’ day-to-day operations are of immense value to both owners and their employees. His most recent practice has been in the oil and gas, transportation, manufacturing, construction and logistics industries – rounding out the comprehensive knowledge base of our in-house risk management team.

Jesse’s current role is to help our clients manage their risks, improve their loss experience, lower their insurance cost and optimize their risk management programs. His responsibilities include risk engineering, risk program optimization and safety consultation.


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