Winter Weather Warning and Advisory

Winter Weather Warning and Advisory

A rapidly evolving winter weather event is unfolding this morning temperatures over South Central Texas have dropped dramatically. Periods of freezing drizzle and light freezing rain are expected to arrive this morning, prompting the need for Winter Storm Warnings, Winter Weather Advisories, and an expanded area of communities impacted. Significant ice accumulation impacts are now considered likely over the Hill Country and Central Texas, including all of the Austin metropolitan area.   

Now is the time to take precautions and protect your buildings, plants, pets and people from the cold.   Here is a link to some additional resources to assist you:  Link   

As a reminder, your insurance policy requires that you mitigate your damages, which may include boarding up windows, tarping roofs, initiating/scheduling water extraction services and/or drying out your contents.  Please take the necessary steps/measures to help reduce/prevent further loss.  Also please do not begin any permanent repairs until the insurance company has adjusted your claim, and has given authorization to do so.     

Please refer to the list of insurance companies and their claims reporting numbers on our website.  We have also included a list of restoration companies, glass companies, as well as rental car companies to assist you in your time of need.  

Insurance companies and their claims reporting numbers on our website.  We have also included a list of restoration companies, glass companies, as well as rental car companies to assist you in your time of need.  







To ensure your claim is handled promptly, we encourage the following methods for reporting claims:

  • Report loss directly to the insuring company  (To report to your carrier directly, see this list of insurance carriers.) 


  • Report a loss to us via email, send the information to

    • Please include the following information:
      • Date of loss
      • Address of loss
      • Name of insured
      • Description of loss or what has happened  
      • Point of contact for claims adjuster to contact you (name, email, telephone number, address)
      • Additional relevant information (photos, police reports, etc.)
  • Report loss online through our Risk Management Center (user ID and password required)


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What should I do if I have damage?

  • Covering the damaged area(s) of your home with tarps to help prevent further wind or water damage

  • Shut off your water at the main water valve.

  • Electricity should be cut off to the area of the home with water.

  • If flooring, walls or ceilings are severely damaged, please contact one of the restoration companies below.  

  •  You need to prevent mold and mildew buildup so use mops, towels and a wet/dry vacuum to soak up the water. 

  • Securing the premises against burglaries and vandalism

  • Putting out a fire or calling the fire department immediately 

  • If you have a fire maintain and protect evidence by not tampering with point of origin of fire.

  • Maintain a record of all expenses incurred protecting the property 

  • Separate damaged from undamaged personal property, if possible

  • While you should do everything within your power to minimize damage, you are not expected to put yourself in harm’s way to mitigate damages. Take efforts to mitigate only after your safety is assured.

How do I file a claim?

  • Have your Policy Number handy if possible.
  • Be ready to explain the details of the loss.
  • If you have a camera or camera enabled cell phone, take some quick photos.  When you are asked to describe the incident, this will be helpful.

What happens after I file a claim?

  • The insurance carrier will open a claim file and assign you a claim number for tracking purposes.
  • An adjuster will be assigned to contact you about your claims within 48 hours.  They will be able to answer any specific questions you have at that time.
  • Depending on the type of claim and your needs, you may need to arrange for emergency repairs to be made to prevent further damage.  Click on list of restoration companies

What information should I provide to my adjuster?

  • Any photos or videos you have taken of damage to your property or possessions.
  • Receipts for any emergency work done.
  • Prepare inventory of property damage 
  • List quantity, description, actual cash value, and amount of loss Attach bills, receipts, and related documents
  • If your property cannot be used, receipts for expenses incurred such as food, lodging, etc.
  • Any applicable police reports

How long does it take to talk to an adjuster?

  • Depending on the claim, it could take as long as 48 hours to be assigned.  The more details you offer up front, the easier it will be for the adjuster to quickly and accurately assess the amount of damages.  Claims that are more complicated, such as disputes over who is liable, will take longer to process.

When can I expect an adjuster to inspect my damage after I report my claim?

  • If warranted, the adjuster should be out to inspect your property within 72 hours, morever if there are statewide severe storms they may not be able to get to your property for several days.   
  • Certain types of claims do not require direct inspection and will be handled by other methods.  If this is the case, they will let you know during the initial contact discussion.

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Accident Fund   866-206-5851

ACE Westchester  678-795-4443

ACE  800-252-4670

Admiral Insurance Company  856-429-9200

AIG  877-399-6442

Allied/Nationwide  888-508-8622

Allied World National Assurance Co.  860-284-1572

AmWins of Texas  877-585-2849

American First Insurance  877-263-7890

Arch Insurance Company  877-688-2724

Arch / York  877-371-9774

Argonaut Insurance  800-820-3903

Associated Industries Insurance Company  866-272-9267

Assurant Specialty Property  800-245-1505

Axis  678-746-9000

Bankers Insurance  800-245-1505

Berkley Environmental/Great Divide  201-748-3111

Berkshire Hathaway  855-453-9675

BITCO  888-857-8031

Canal Indemnity Co.  800-868-7538

Central Insurance  888-263-2924

Century Surety Company  800-825-9489

ChemPlan  800-410-1511

Chubb  800-252-4670

CIBA  818-245-1010

Cincinnati  877-242-2544

CNA  877-262-2727

Crump  800-420-2079

Deep South  888-802-5246

Delta Gen. Agency  800-666-2678

ESIS  800-250-1645

Everest Indemnity Insurance Company  866-287-1736

FCCI  800-226-3224

Fireman's Fund / Allianz  888-347-3428

First Cardinal of Texas  469-713-5367

First Mercury  248-358-4010

Gallagher Bassett / Old Republic  866-352-0279 800-406-2137

Great American  800-972-3008

Great Divide/Berkley Environmental  201-748-3111

Hanover  800-628-0250

Hartford  800-327-3636

Liberty Mutual  800-362-0000

Markel American Insurance  800-963-7739  800-236-2862  

McClelland Hine  210-366-2500  

Myron F. Steves & Co.  713-522-1100

National Liability & Fire Insurance Co.  800-356-5750

Nationwide  800-421-3535

Nautilus Insurance  800-358-5178

Old Republic / Gallagher Bassett  800-406-2137  866-352-0279

Philadelphia  800-765-9749

Progressive  800-274-4499

R.T. Specialty, LLC  214-865-7200

Scottsdale Insurance  800-423-7675

Seneca Insurance 212-344-3000

Service Lloyds 800-299-6977

South & Western Gen. Agency 800-492-5351

Starr Adjustment Services 855-782-7725

Tejas American Gen. Agency 888-999-8242

Texas Windstorm 800-788-8247

Travelers 800-238-6225

Trumbull Insurance 800-327-3636

Union Standard 800-955-0325

US Risk Underwriters 800-926-9155

Willis of Texas 877-725-9620

York /Arch 877-371-9774

Zenith 800-440-5020

Zurich 800-987-3373



Company Name  /  Phone Number

AIG   888-760-9195

American Bankers  800-245-1505

Burns & Wilcox  800-400-4447

Central  888-263-2924

Chubb  800-252-4670

Fireman's Fund  888-347-3428

Hartford  800-280-0555

Kemper  888-252-2799

Litchfield Special Risks  800-592-1027

Myron Steves & Co  713-522-1100 713-351-8342

Progressive  800-776-4737

Quirk & Co / Mission Claims  210-342-5813

South & Western  800-492-5351

Travelers  800-252-4633

Travelers Flood  800-505-0193

TWIA  800-788-8247

Pure  888-813-7873

Safeco  877-566-6001

Cincinnati  877-242-2544

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San Antonio:

Gerloff:   210-490-2777

Blackmon Mooring:  877-730-1948

Rainbow International:  210-731-9001

First Call:  210-399-3315 


Servpro:  512-318-2200

Blackhill Restoration:  800-931-1962

Action Restoration:  800-231-1820



Blackmon Mooring:  877-763-5404

Cotton Restoration 832-732-9575

Servpro:  713-461-2700

ServiceMaster:  281-888-0759



Blackmon  Mooring (Arlington):  877-730-1948

Servpro (Lewisville):  972-420-4771; (Forney):  972-329-4747 

Dalworth Restoration (Euless):  888-778-9693



ServiceMaster (Harlingen):  956-622-7349

Valley Wide Restoration (Pharr):  956-782-6100

PuroClean (Harlingen):  956-364-2172


El Paso

Rainbow International: 915-772-1111

Servpro of El Paso East: 915-852-0993

Griffin Fire & Water Restoration and Construction: 915-565-3846



Servpro of North Laredo: 956-568-0266

Action Restoration: 800-231-1820

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